Some pictures from our “tur” in the woods… And a short anecdote from one day after this trip: I went for a walk with a friend (Anette) and we came across a lot of mushrooms – the same which I picked up with Kristine and Moa, but really big ones. I became very excited and started to collect them. But Anette didn’t trust me, so she took a picture of the mushrooms and sent it to a friend who – she said – was an semi-expert for mushrooms. The answer of her friend: “Don’t pick them. Don’t eat them.” I stopped for a moment, but then went on with collecting because I was totally convinced that they are ok. A few minutes later, two hikers passed us and Anette stopped them to ask about their opinion. They said: “Yes, we know a little about mushrooms and you shouldn’t eat these… These are no chantarelle… And besides, it’s already too late for collecting mushrooms.” I tried to explain them that I collected nice mushrooms only one day before, but then I started to feel like a stupid german girl who doesn’t know anything about life and nature and will end up with poisoning herself and friends… And I said to myself: “Norwegian people seem to know more about nature. Trust them. You only went collecting mushrooms 3 times in your life. You really don’t know anything and you don’t want to be responsible for poisoning your friends…” So I stopped collecting more mushrooms but took the ones I already picked back home to look them up in the Internet… And: they are perfectible edible. I cooked a really delicious dinner – and I’m still alive!!! What do we learn from this lesson???


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