Living Planet Report

The 2010 edition of the Living Planet Report presents new analyses on the health of our only planet. It shows populations of tropical species are plummeting while humanity’s demands on natural resources are sky-rocketing. At this dates we are using 50% more natural resources than the earth can sustain. (extract taken from wwf website)

I just found the new Living Planet Report on the web. You can download the whole report from the wwf website (if it’s not available anymore, ask me for a copy)… The new analysises are quite frightening. And still, it’s so interesting that even though we know about the diminuishing of resources since years, we don’t change anything in our behaviour. And I know that many people care about these issues – or even if they don’t care, they are at least a little worried and concerned. But somehow it seems to me that we just wait for a big miracle (or the big catastrophe?)… My conclusion: finally someone has the chance to save the world :-)


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