My brain is working…

The last week has been pretty intense and I hope to get some time for reflection (and posting) within the next days… But just to give you a short summary: last sunday I failed with initiating a social event at my student housing (only 3 people showed up for my “festa della pizza”). But the pizza was delicious anyway! On monday, we started to learn about “Social Responsive Design” with a “Metadesign workshop” given by Anette Lundebye & Hannah Jones. This was just great and inspiring – tons of interesting input and very helpful for the further development of my master project. On thursday evening we had a meeting with students from the music school which I helped to organize. I was so happy that everyone was happy and seemed to enjoy the evening and that my ideas for group activities (definitely inspired by the metadesign workshop) turned out to work very well! On friday, I met Halldor Gislason who gave me even more interesting input for my master project. And on Saturday and Sunday, I participated at some lectures and workshops at Gentle Actions! where we ended up with forming a loose group of activists, artists, architects and designers and where my brain was finally filled to every corner (I started to feel informations dropping out of my ears without reaching my heart or knowledge even though they were interesting…)


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