SRVD/Metadesign workshop — theory —

From Monday 18. October until Wednesday 20th of october, we had a MetaDesign Workshop with Anette Lundebye and Hannah Jones who came from England to join us. It was a lot of input which I still have to digest – but very interesting and inspiring for my MA project. I felt like nodding my head and thinking “Yes!!” all the time during this workshop – but of course there are also things to question (although I can’t think about any at the moment). Hannah and Anette are both working with “unusual” (sustainable, ethical, ecological…) approaches within the field of design and I just want to give you some short notes about the theories they discussed with us.

Social Responsive Design (SRVD)
> difference between responsibility and respons-ability (duty, obligation, accountability, ability to respond vs being receptive to, sensitive to, react to, flexible to)
> “The only important thing about Design is how it relates to people” (Victor Papanek) Design for who and with whom?
> social innovation by using design thinking (empathy, integrative thinking, optimism, experimentalism, collaboration), asking the right questions and designing conditions for a design to emerge
> using a critical practice: What are we researching/making/doing? Is it relevant?
> don’t try to change to whole world but start with Micro-Utopias in a small scale

Future role of Design
> expanding the role of Design/er
> extended collaboration
> to communicate and inspire sustainable visions
> short- and long-term thinking

> affective, entrepreneurial, bottom-up, goal defined, socially inclusive, participative, holistic, green, flexible, self-creative
> a framework / tools for carrying out socially responsive design
> “designing the design process”: dynamic, uncertainty as part of process
> design as planning is replaced by design as seeding

Names which might be worth to check out
Buckminster Fuller, John Thackara, Tony Fry, Victor Papanek, Ezio Manzini, Nicolas Bourriard, John Wood, Buzz Holling, Stewart Brand, Brian Eno, Christopher Alexander, A.Thorpe, Steven Brooks, Aldo van Eyck


2 responses to “SRVD/Metadesign workshop — theory —

  1. Thank you! :-) I hope I will find my way through the jungle…

  2. Hi T, great to see that you are using your blog to share your design process. I will be following you. Good luck!

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