Ad free world II

Thanks Joreg for sending me another example for the “ad free world” – the art project delete! by Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf. In 2005, they created a temporary installation in the Neubaugasse in Vienna (Austria) where they pasted over all logos, pictograms, trademarks and advertisement. With deleting all these visual stimuli, they made them at the same time more visible – questioning urbanity and people’s habits by doing so…

Joreg also showed me the Artvertiser project. I think it’s an interesting idea to use hightech to create a parallel/utopian world (although it doesn’t make our lives easier but rather more complicated)… 
The Artvertiser is a software platform for replacing billboard advertisements with art in real-time. It works by teaching computers to ‘recognise’ individual advertisements so they can be easily replaced with alternative content, like images and video. Rather than refering to this as a form of Augmented Reality technology, we consider The Artvertiser an example of Improved Reality.

The project was initiated by Julian Oliver in February 2008 and is being developed in collaboration with Damian Stewart. It has appeared in full working form in street exhibitions in Berlin as part of Transmediale 2010 and in Brussels, as part of the Europe wide Media Facades Festival.


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