Green maps

Green maps is a tool which promotes worldwide participation in sustainable community development by using mapping as a medium. Citizens can use this tool to map all “green living”, nature and cultural resources in their city or neighborhood in order to create perspective-changing community ‘portraits’ which act as comprehensive inventories for decision-making and as practical guides for residents and tourists. There exists no map for Oslo, so some of us who participated at Gentle Actions! decided to create one in the next weeks/months… I think it’s a really useful tool and I’m eager to explore the “green city” of Oslo!


2 responses to “Green maps

  1. Hei Tabea, hvordan går det med grønt kart Oslo? kanskje det hadde vært fint som print av det på bord?
    Hey T, how is it going with grenn card Oslo? It is maybe nice to have a print of it on the table?
    use peace have love – henrik..

  2. Hei – how is it going with hte green map Oslo, mayby i can use that to print on my table..
    use peace and have love – henrik

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