Emilia Romagna

In july 2009 I went for a spontaneous road trip with Friedel and his son Jeromir through Emilia Romagna in Italy. I’ve always thought that once I have children, I have to settle down and become a “reasonably” (and boring?) member of society. No more crazy low-budget traveling but booking a 4-star hotel with breakfast and dinner instead. But Friedel and Jero showed me that this doesn’t have to be true! Jero is one of the happiest and smartest children I’ve ever met. We slept under the stars for the whole week, picnicking decent italian food, taking a bath in the river or ocean, trying to climb walls, driving slowly through the most beautiful italian landscape, playing games and watching millions of fireflies… A very simple journey when it comes to economy but filled with joy and pleasure. Thanks Friedel and Jero for taking me with you and for showing me a beautiful alternative…


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