The guide to free farming

“The guide to free farming” by 5.5 Design is a book that aimed to restore a close relation between consumers and the natural environment, creating a shorter link to guide people who live in cities to take on the role of farmers in their urban environment. It is about farming in the city and encourages readers to discover the unsuspecting resources hidden in our towns. The book includes recipes like street flower salad and grilled rat, along with instruction guides to, for instance, plucking a pigeon or a starling just as we once plucked chickens, tips for collecting dandelion greens, snails and honey, as well as guides to mushroom picking and uses for expired food is also included. (extract taken from
I like this kind of humour a lot, the balance between absurdity and serious suggestions. It reminds me (just a little bit) about my bachelor-thesis. I think that humour and playfulness might be a good way to sensibilze and educate people for topics they don’t consider to be funny… But it’s very difficult to maintain the right balance – it can easily be just ridiculous and meaningless.


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