Marthe told me some days ago about the snohulemannen – a man who lives since 30 years in caves in the norwegian mountains. Recently, there was also a movie about him in cinema. I don’t understand everything but still, it’s impressive. This man has really chosen an alternative way to live, remote from almost all conveniences of modern life – and why not?
When I watched parts of the movie, I also had to think about several things I’ve read lately. That human beings have a tendency to conformism since they want to belong to a group. Nonconformist autonomy is penalized by society (non-conform individuals are considered to be crazy, different,  mentally ill or just “to be artists”) – which is quite understandable since conformism makes living together much easier. “Should you serve grasshoppers at your next barbeque? Why, nobody does that. Shall you come home from the office, change into a light toga, and make a small sacrifice in the backyard? What would the neighbors think?” (quote from Chad Oliver’s Shadows in the Sun). The sad thing about conformism is that it makes people stop thinking by themselves. People start to take things for granted and don’t question. Victor Papanek also writes in Design for the real world that the penalization of highly creative individuals for their non conform autonomy makes the teaching of problem-solving discouraging and difficult. He complains that students have massive blocks against new ways of thinking (a heritage from their previous, conformism-orientated education). Also at our school, teachers often claim that we should think outside the box (even though sometimes I feel that this just means thinking in another box…)


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