*** Argggggggh! ***

I just came home from a Pecha Kucha at Doga, the center for Design and Architecture in Oslo. I got really, really annoyed – it was so frustrating to see that most of the designers/architects/artists use this platform to sell their stupid nonsense. And the audience acknowledge this with applause. Of course not all the presentations were ***, senseless ego-shows but most of them. This is so sad! I felt a little like going out of my utopian bubble at university, facing the stupidity and sadness of reality. What made things even worse was the fact that I looked through a prospect lying around showing the winners of “Design Effect” – an award from the Norwegian Design Council. I want to give you some “great” reading examples:

... Norwegian companies have to win in the new globalized market. If business is to beat the ever more professional players on an international stage, the solutions offered must be characterized as being perceived as high quality… (yesssss, let’s beat them!!! How stupid is this?)
… The Design-driven Innovation Program (…) clearly shows the values that can be created across industry boundaries… (values??????  Beating, growth, profit, greed??)
… Examples of this may be increased profitability, higher turnover, reduced costs, larger market share, increased distribution coverage or positive benefits for the environment, health and safety, and on attitudes…

What I like especially about this last quote is the “or” and the fact, that the positive benefits for the environment and so forth stand at the end of the sentence. It seems to me that it was just added because it sounds good. Especially when I have a look at the winners/nominees of the prize, I can only find examples where “the right  Design” helped companies to sell more (instead of having a positive impact on the environment or attitudes). The winner of the Award is – of course – the one, who increased the percentage of sales the most.

Sorry for being aggressive and negative. But this made me feel really sad, Especially when I see that so many people think it’s cool. Arrrrrrrrrgh!


One response to “*** Argggggggh! ***

  1. Hei T-gla, I like what you are writing and think its good to be negativ and angry about it, however the sikness of “money talks” seem to be almost everywhere in the society. One solution/ løsning could be: The roman called ” mengele zoo” written by Stein Nygårdshaug. Keep up the good work – lovlypeacetime h

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