Waste books

It makes me really sad how people in my school print without thinking. Every day, there are hundreds of (coloured) prints ending up in the garbage. Is the problem that we don’t have to pay for the prints and people are just spoiled? But instead of making people feel guilty I thought about how to make something nice with all this paper. I started to make easy sketchbooks out of the waste paper and now I’m starting to think about how to make this project “bigger” so that 1. the students at KHiO become aware of the waste paper problem and 2. they realize that there’s potential/an alternative use for waste in general. The books are actually a nice reflection of what’s happening at KHiO at the moment and if you want to have one, feel free to contact me (probably I will also sell them on the KHiO christmas market)…





One response to “Waste books

  1. HI T,
    Thanks for book! I like it a lot and its on my night table – I use it for ideas that comes in nighttime. I want to by some books for christmaspresents if thats ok for you.
    BIE H

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