The Uniform Project

The uniform project is an interesting Fashion project from Sheena Matheiken: she was wearing the same dress for 365 days but the challenge was in making it look unique every single day without buying anything new… Could this be something interesting for the further development of my project?


2 responses to “The Uniform Project

  1. Hei Henrik! Thanks for the hint with the washing. I think that many people (me included) don’t think about the impact these “small” everyday actions have on our world. Also with taking a shower: is it really necessary to shower every day and wash our hair with shampoo?? I guess that our bills for electricity and water (and cosmetic products) can also benefit from washing less…

  2. Hi t. Yes i think you should bring fokus on the washing clothes problem into your project. How can you get people to stop washing f.eks jeans after one day at the office, school etc. There will be meny benefits out of god information to the people in these matters.
    I once went on a holiday (india, 2months) with just the clothes i was wearing+ to pair of boxers, i was just great.
    I would like to be the first one to like this but i forgot my password..
    Keep up the god work!

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