Presentation “Pilot Project”, KHiO

These slides were part of my presentation for the “Pilot-Project” at Oslo National Academy of the Arts which I hold just before christmas. They very shortly explain the development of my MA-project from the first Proposal until today…

After having worked for one year as a Junior Art Director in advertising, I was really unhappy with my work as a designer. I just couldn’t see any sense in what I was doing and I was annoyed that my work was mostly about increasing mindless  consumption by selling things to people which they don’t need at all.

So I started to think about what to do instead and how I could still work as a designer but without supporting a system that I don’t like.

I realized that also other people (and designers) care about these issues and I decided to apply with the subject “Simple Living” for a MA-degree in order to have time to research on alternatives for living and working and to find a way to combine my values, interests and visions with my work as a designer.

In september 2010, I finally moved to cold and dark Oslo to undertake my MA in Visual Communication at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

During the first months at KHiO we had different small projects and workshops, where we learned a lot about tools and creative methods and approaches which will help us for the further development of our MA-project.

After the “Social Responsive Design” workshop, we started with our Pilot-Project during which we should reconsider and rewrite our MA-proposal. At the beginning this project, I had a tutoring with Maziar. My head was (and still is) full with ideas, the subject of “Simple Living” is broad and I felt (and still feel) that I want to be a  “Eier legende Wollmilchsau” – a german expression for someone who wants to do everything (actually, it’s an animal that combines a cow, a pig, a sheep and a chicken). So Maziar gave me the advice that I have to decide on what  I really want to do! A good advice but hard to solve…

During the next weeks, I felt trapped in my own brain. I walked through my thoughts and ideas in order to find out what I really want: what makes me tick?? I realized that it’s not possible to come up with the right and only answer… At least not at this point of my research…

So I decided to figure out what I don’t want and what I do want (see the pictures). This was still on a very general base – but when writing down what I do/don’t want, I realized that I want to research and work in three different levels which will definitely mix in the course of my project.

The first level is what I call the “personal level”. This level includes everything that interests me concerning Simple Living: questions which I always wanted to solve, small things that I can do and try out in my own surroundings – a collection of thoughts and small experiments (Shall I switch the light off when I leave the room or does it take more energy than just leaving it on? How can I survive in the forest? What happens if I walk or take the bike instead of flying?…). This knowledge is primary for myself but maybe I can collect these thoughts in a small publication to make it available also to other people…

The second level is the “micro level”. This is the level where my actual design will take place. It’s the “world within my reach” and my connections and understanding of this world. There are enough problems in this surrounding – and how can I make the world a better place if I don’t start here?

The third level is the “macro level” or the world in it’s whole. I want to gain generalist knowledge in alternative, sustainable ways of living (and working as a designer). This level serves mainly for inspiration and to map myself (and my work) in the bigger picture…

So, I haven’t yet decided anything. I’m still not sure if I should become a cow, a pig, a chicken or a sheep and my path lies foggy in front of me. But I have no doubt: there is a path and I will find my way through the fog within the next months!

So what happened during my first months at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts? What happened since last January when I wrote my Proposal for the Master application? I feel that my focus has changed…


2 responses to “Presentation “Pilot Project”, KHiO

  1. Interesting presentation, and post. Like your way of storytelling as well as your philosophy.

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