Winter solstice

Just 2 days before Christmas Eve, we have the shortest day and longest night of the year. That very day Dori told me that in the past, people in Scandinavia used to celebrate this day with huge bonfires in order to lit up the sun. This year, we had full-moon and -20 degrees in Oslo but nevertheless me and two friends went on a spontaneous trip to a lake which is close to my home. It was just beautiful: the frozen lake and white trees in the blue and bright light of the moon and I’ve already forgotten about the winter solstice when we happened to meet a small group of people having a bonfire and telling us that they celebrate this day instead of christmas. They invited us to join and so we sat down with them, in -20 degrees, around the fire, people playing guitar, singing, eating and drinking, talking… It just felt so relaxed and it was so nice, peaceful and beautiful that I thought why we can’t celebrate christmas like this: why do we still celebrate with all the gifts, masses of food, stress and pseudo-religion? Almost everyone I know, loves and hates christmas. Most of the people who go to church, only go there because of “the tradition” and not because they believe or want to share a moment with other believers. The gesture of giving and receiving is a very nice idea – but nowadays it means a lot of stress since we have to choose between millions of products and the expectations of friends and family are high. And not to forget the hours we spent in the kitchen instead of sharing our time with the ones we love… But still we want to keep hold of the old traditions. We are afraid of change and of trying something new although we know that it might be for the good…


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