I have to confess: I am falling in love with the Internet and all the millions of  opportunities it offers… I have always been one of those persons who are rather skeptical about the web and other technological “innovations”. I often feel that they disconnect us from knowledge, nature and from ourselves. But as in almost everything, there does not exist only black color – and probably there exists even more white than I thought… In the end, it always depends on the perspective…

Just a few days ago, Joreg gave me the link to another great (and very white) online project: Kickstarter which is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. It’s a great way for creative people to bring projects to life – even without having money by themselves. No need for banks, credits and going from door to door to beg for money –  instead of that you propose your project on the website and “normal” people can decide that they want to support you with as much money as they want. A project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. The ownership and control over the work remains with the creator who has to offer rewards in return (raffles, financial returns, and investment offers are prohibited). Great!!! Thanks Joreg for sharing this…

(kleiner Nachtrag für meine deutschen Leser. Joreg hat mir auch noch das Ganze für Deutschland gezeigt:  startnext! Jetzt gibt es also wirklich keine Entschuldigung mehr dafür unsere Projekte auch in die Tat umzusetzen :-)


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