I started a small self-experiment (actually it was for my Pecha Kucha which I hold at the beginning of last semester at KHiO). These pictures show almost all cosmetic products I found in the bathroom of my parents. I counted 72 different products. None of these products lasts more than two or three years (the average rather one or two months) and none is refillable.

I think that more than half of these products are dispensable. Or is anyone of the opinion that we need three or four different bodylotions?? One for cellulitis another for wrinkles, the next to make our skin more shiny and so on? I have the impression that we buy those products rather because of advertising and fashion than because we really want and need them… And by the way: do we need ANY of these products?

These are pictures of all T-shirts I possess. When taking the picture, I found out that I have 30 T-Shirts  and I asked myself why I just bought a new one when I have so many fine ones.. I think it must have been one of these situations when I walk down the streets, look into a shop window and think: “Wow, this looks nice. Just 10 Euros? Ok, I take it.” When I look closer at my T-Shirts, I realize that I wear only few of them often – the ones that you can see in the second picture. There are even some T-Shirts which I wore not more than two or three times.

And I always thought that I am a conscious consumer!

On this picture you can see all mobile phones which I found at a friends’ appartment. In Germany (and maybe in Norway as well) many people have contracts with communication companies so that every second year, they get a new mobile phone for free. I really don’t understand why we need something new, when the old one still works (but actually I’m benefiting from it since I always get the outrated mobile phones for free!).

Can you imagine the impact all these products have on our environment? Maybe I wouldn’t mind if we really need these things. But seeing that we have so many stuff that we don’t need at all, makes me really sad! How do you feel about this?


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