Ping Pong

I already wrote about my growing passion for the www. And to romantizise even more: the web is a great tool to keep in touch with friends and create collaborations beyond physical borders. The blog Ping Pong is a great example…

Ping Pong is not about shooting a plastic ball over a net. It is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between the two ‘players’ Ping and Pong, who want to exchange their ideas and ideal(istic) visions of life and society over the course of the 360 days left of the year 2011, starting with the 6th of January – 31st of December and share it with others.

We collect inspirational pictures, thoughts, items, links, articles, books, encounters, names, ideas, locations, visions, projects, … – anything that might help to contribute to a collection of stuff that thinks outside the box – in order to get a 360 degree perspective and see what might grow out of it in 2012…


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