The Power of Questions

Last Sunday, I went to Germany in order to hold a presentation for a scholarship I applied for. The presentation lasted around fifteen minutes and eight professors listened and asked questions. I was quite confident with my presentation but the part with the questions was rather tricky. A friend of mine told me that at some universities in Germany, a presentation is not called presentation but defense. This is exactly how I felt: the professors did not discuss “real” problems or deficits of my work but they simply tried to provoke me in order to see if I can bear up against it and to find out how much of my heart blood is in my work. I had to think about something that I wrote a month ago: that sometimes, I miss a positive negative feedback at KHiO – something that helps me to go further, a critic that challenges me and makes me rethink or question myself and my work in order to reach new dimensions… And even if I do not find the answer right away, I now realized that every question (and the attempt to answer it) helps me to understand myself and my work – so there is actually something good in defense. I guess it can be useful to integrate a sort of socratic method in our MA-studies. I will think about this and discuss it with my fellow students…


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