The Power of Questions (appendix)

Talking to Maziar several days ago, I realized that my previous entry about the “Power of questions” was in some aspects misleading. Maybe I should add a new post about the power of words :-)

To be clear: I’m not for a rigorous education and I don’t think it does any good if professors/examiners only criticize students and ask questions just for the sake of asking questions and to see how you handle them. As in everything else there should be a balance – and particularly a constructive critic.

Maybe defense was not the right word. The part of a presentation where people ask questions shouldn’t be a defense but rather a discussion or a dialogue where everyone can learn and understand something. Actually, this is also what I understand under the “socratic method” – even though it uses the idea of defense in some sense, I think in its’ core, it’s not about defense but rather about gaining insight and having a dialogue. Today, I found a quote in my diary that I wrote down several month ago and which I like to share: Who has the openness and confidence to participate in dialogue rather than monologue? From my experience I must say that there are hardly any people who have…


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