Even More Wastebooks :-)

I wanted to bring the “Waste Book” project to a temporary end before I leave to Laos… So I made more books out of the paper which I have collected so far, gathered facts around paper-consumption, made a small instruction-booklet: diy_wastebook_a4 and wrote the following E-mail to my classmates… I’m looking forward to see what can grow out of waste :-)


Dear All,

As some of you know, I have been collecting the “waste-paper” in our MA-room (and the Media Lab) over the last months. I now made some sketchbooks out of the paper (have a look at my blog:www.tabeaglahs.wordpress.com) which I would like to share with you! The books are a nice reflection of what’s happening at KHiO (and what people are researching/doing) and if you want to have one, it would be great if you can give me something which is not money in return. It can be anything from a poster you designed, a hug, a cake or (?)! It just should be somehow documentable… And: you better be quick since I made a limited edition in different sizes and each single book is unique – so the first who comes has the broadest choice… I will also make some more books during the next days…

Write me an E-Mail or better talk to me directly if you have any questions or want to have a book . And if I run out of books, don’t be sad: I made a small instruction (see pdf) how you can make a wastebook by yourself. It means work, but it’s not a lot of work :-) So I hope you will continue with collecting waste-paper and making books when I’m in Laos…

All the best



One response to “Even More Wastebooks :-)

  1. Colourful books! Nice!

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