Slow Down

Or: what’s your name and where are you going?

Last sunday, I arrived in Bad Honnef (Germany) for a 3-weeks preparation course for my future stay in Lao. We stay at a beautiful place next to the river Rhine, the sun is shining, flowers start blooming and I am lucky that I already met wonderful people from all over Germany who will soon part for the most exciting corners of our world. And even though our days are packed with informations, workshops and advice, it almost feels like being on holidays...

It’s quite interesting to see how easily you get in touch with people: just present yourself and ask about names and where others go and you can start directly an hour-long chat with someone who was totally alien before… Everyone seems to be open-minded and interested in sharing their knowledge and experience. And even though I already talked with Dori, Vanja and others, I got (and still get) a lot of helpful input – and since our stay should also help us to slow down and reflect, I even have enough time to disgest the information!




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