Impact Chain

As part of our training in Bad Honnef, we learnt about impact chains.

Using the Impact Chain is one way that we can ensure a focus on impact. By asking first “what do we want to accomplish”, there is a much greater chance that we will be successful in getting the results we want – this may be intuitive, but how often do we skip this step unconsciously?! 

Impact Chains focus on the following points

ressources (the input we have for our activity),
activities (what we are actually doing to achieve our long-term goal)
output (the most immediate results of our action)
usage (who is using the ouput in which way?)
outcome (describe the true changes that occur as a result of our action)
impact (vision of a preferred future that underlines why the action is important)

During our training, we were asked to develop an impact chain for the projects we will be working on. In my group we developed an impact chain for my work in Laos. It’s the first time we worked with impact chains and I don’t know exactly what my project will be, so things are still a little general and confused. But it was very useful for me to do this in order to get an overview of my (possible) future work and to see it in the bigger picture.

impact poverty reduction, alternative sources of income for locals, development of a sustainable, eco-friendly tourism
outcome +income, +access and understanding (tourists), “local designer”
usage locals: for marketing; tourists: for information/interpretation
results design of information/products
activities design of exhibitions, signage, corporate design, products, web-design, photography, skill-transfer
ressources computer, software, printer, photocamera, know-how, information, people


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