Arriving in Laos

I finally arrived in Vientiane last tuesday after a long flight from Oslo via Berlin and Bangkok. It is nice to be back in Laos and surprising how fast the city of Vientiane has changed since the first time I came (december 2007): the traffic increased what feels like 1000 per cent (someone told me that banks are now giving out credits for cars) and bigger supermarkets, ATMs and brand stores are popping up at almost every corner. Many construction sites indicate that the development is still on going – if it is for the good or the bad does not really matter. It just happens and there are different groups of interest trying to direct the change into their preferred direction – some focused on economies and growth, others on wildlife and protection of nature, others on human well-being and reduction of poverty. All these are somehow related to each other (luckily!) and I think that I will find out more within the next year…
I talked to my colleagues and we somehow concluded with the image of puberty in our minds – a development which is not really nice but necessary in order to gain wisdom :-) This phase seem to have just started in Laos and the following years might not be the most pleasant but still exciting to see what will grow out of it…

I stay in Vientiane for the next two weeks, learning to speak lao. I will then head with my mentor Andreas to Phonsavan which is a small city in the North East, close to the Plain of Jars.

… Looking forward to whatever comes next…


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