Mural Learning

I’m very glad to have two wonderful guests at the moment: Lisa and her friend Abby from the United States. And I’m even more glad to follow the wonderful work Lisa has been doing last week at the UXO-Survivor Centre in Phonsavan. Lisa is on a 10 month research grant in Laos, exploring how art can be used to mitigate the effects of unexploded ordinance. Last week, she was giving a workshop to children who survived an UXO- accident. The aim of the workshop was to create murals for the Visitor Centre – but I think that it was much more about having fun and giving an opportunity for the children (who  suffer from similar traumatic experiences) to meet and mingle.
The kids were awesome! So diverse, full with energy and their drawings are great! They also seemed to enjoy the whole workshop a lot! Still, I had the impression that Lisa faced some of the same challenges I was facing in different situations in Laos so far: the challenge of communicating abstract concepts and to transfer these into something tangible and that people rather copy each other instead of creating something new. She tried different ways of avoiding these behavior patterns in order to enforce creativity – some of them seemed to work fine! Since Lisa is unfortunately leaving by the end of this month, we are now discussing ways of how I can further work together with the children. Would be great if I can keep up Lisa’s good work and support the children to further develop their artistic skills and just make them happy!


One response to “Mural Learning

  1. Hey Tabea! This is such a wonderful good job yo doing! I love it! Keep it up… Denise

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