Drinking and Eating

Eating and (especially) drinking are essential parts of Lao meeting and working culture. Especially in the villages, people (usually the head of the village or some other “important” – or wealthier – person) invites to their homes to share several shots of LaoLao (rice whiskey) and food. Some people told me that the “real” decisions are made not during a formal meeting but rather during these loose gatherings (or otherwise in the badminton hall, which is lao folk sport). For me as a European it feels positively strange to be invited to the private homes of people I don’t know at all and to experience their hospitality. Especially in northern Europe it usually takes ages until people will invite you to their private home. Moreover, in working-relations, many people are afraid to share any privacy at all. Why not try and be a little more asian? :-)

(pictures taken at the private home of the district governor after a workshop in Mouang Khoun)


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