QLA: Story Telling

Katti and me made a draft for the update of the exhibition at the UXO Survivor Information Centre in Phonsavan. Have a look at the pdf USIC_draft_update_web ! I think we were both inspired by the book “Understanding Comics – the invisible art” by Scott Mc Cloud – thanks again to Maziar for the recommendation. This books gives great insight into the world and underlying principles of comics but also about story-telling in general. Check it out if you haven’t – even if you are not a big comic fan yourself (how dare you?), it might still be of interest.

Since the Pilot Project at KHiO, I use a very simple comic / illustration style for most of my presentations – and get a lot of positive response even though I’m aware that it’s not yet perfect. I continued to use this style in Laos and realized how the combination of images and text can help to overcome language barriers, arises the interest of people right from the beginning and how it can make complex content easy to understand. Comics are underestimated – and are yet already used in many different ways for a variety of purposes. However, I never saw an exhibition that uses comic as a medium to express information – so it’s time to make the first!

The story line will be developed together with the Quality of Life staff – let’s hope we will be allowed to do all this! It was a lot of fun to make the draft and it would be incredible to actually do it! The first feedback was “Wow, I love your creative energy. It is very inspiring and very provocative.” :-)
It’s always provocative when you try something new!


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