Medicinal Plant Preserve, Sayabouly

I’m currently working with the Tourism Department of Sayabouli to develop a visual identity for the Medicinal Plant Preserve as well as developing a booklet about the plants that are growing there. Such a beautiful place in the djungle and next to a river. Million different shades of green. The Preserve is run by a village close by and will become a small Spa centre.
It’s so fascinating to learn about traditional medicine and that almost every plant in the forest can be used for something. I hope I can spent more time with the local medicine man next time I go to Sayabouli to learn more. That’s one of the great things about my work in Laos: I’m always learning something new – either because I can try something I’ve never done before or because I can deepen into new content and see and explore new places… But rather don’t ask me for medicinal advice in future…


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