Progress Workshop QLA

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Last week, Katti, Andi and me prepared a small workshop to update the QLA staff about the process at the USIC and to talk about the coming update of the exhibition. It is very rare in Laos to find everyone sit down and discuss together and quite difficult to arrange these meetings! But it was great and a perfect moment to come together… The following is a small summary of our first day (the one about the exhibition update will follow soon):

update / information, encouraging discussion, ownership, feedback, participatory design (content generation for exhibition update), team building

summary last 2 months / progress report
explain and update everyone on the progress of the USIC: What happened? What did we achieve? What went wrong? What worked well? What did we learn? What is still missing? >> bring the team together, inform everyone about what is happening; encourage discussion as well as critical and independent thinking

We prepared a presentation with images from the last two months at the USIC and talked around it. The presentation functioned as a reminder and made everyone realize how many steps we have already taken and how much work it was. It reminded us about the difficulties, the small achievements and the fun we had! The presentation was also great to show the involvement of everyone and how important good teamwork is for the result! Moreover, it also helped to understand that things are not finished from one day to the next but need time to evolve and that many small things make the big picture in the end!

Afterwards, we guided the QLA staff through the “new” USIC – and encouraged everyone to leave comments by giving them post-its and pencils. Wherever something was “wrong” or “missing” or they had an “idea for the future”, we asked them to leave a small note. This worked surprisingly well and lead to interesting discussions as well as broad feedback for future implementation and changes (have a look at the pictures!). It was fantastic to see how everyone was active and engaged and expressed their own opinions! Such a lot of progress since the first month I started working with the QLA…


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