Phongsaly Website


I have been working on an update / redesign of the website for Phongsaly Province. The structure and content for the website was developed during a small workshop last july with the people from the Provincial Tourism Office in Phongsaly and since a few weeks the website is finally online! I’m definitely not a Web Designer (and never wanted to be one!). I enjoy working with people the most – but I’m also aware that webdesign is a very useful tool and I’m glad that I can be a little bit of a “Eier-legende-Wollmilchsau” in Laos (sorry, there is no english translation for this, is there?) thus learning so many things.

I decided to use wordpress as a CMS to make it easy for the PTO staff to update the content and because I’m already familiar with the interface. It was not easy (so far I only used wordpress for blogging), and it took me a lot of time – also due to my slow internet connection. But it took only one day to explain the PTO staff how to upgrade and change the content. Which I thought is incredible and worth all the effort! It is great when empowerment is so easily done. Consequently, another advice for the year 2012 (and borrowed from lovely Lars): Keep it simple, stupid!


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