Quality of Life

The tree of life at the QLA centre is growing and is getting more and more leaves. It is so interesting to read what quality of life means to others:

the quality of life is in the state of your mind

to be able to do what I want to do and for nobody to put me down

being independent and surrounded by people who care for you

quality of life are: knowledge, skills, friends, family, society

love; see beautiful things; make people happy around you; freedom

to be peaceful and completely body with happy future

be real, embrace simplicity, put others first, desire little and always remember to smile

family, friends, love, hope, peace, healthy plants, animals, soil, water + air

having friends & family loving me around; be able to smile every single day

quality of life is to be satisfied. the satisfaction depends on your environment

to go to places i want to go, and be who i want to be. free from judgement and fear

freedom, love, health, friends, good food, knowledge

can say what i mean, being accepted, and what I can do participation in community, equality

to have the chance to do things on your own but still have someone there to help if i want

peaceful inner & outside

to live out loud without worries “don’t worry,.. be happy!”

income, friendly, hope, healthy and happy

quality of life: be safe, make own choices, have the proper means for living, say what i want to say

love, love, love, love

the endless feeling of love, safety, freedom, dreams, friends, + family and just to be given a chance

have the freedom to do what you want and make your own choices in every aspect of life! Be surrounded by people who care for you

So what does quality of life mean to YOU?


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