Saying Goodbye

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Before we left Phonsavan, Katti and me organized a small event at the QLA Centre. It was great to explore the space in a complete different way – the outside sitting area is a perfect place for hanging around. I’m already dreaming about collaborating with the ice-cream shop next door (and learning how to make the best ice-cream in the world from Paolo). And maybe this dream is not too far away – the Lonely Buffalo Foundation is thinking about supporting the owner to have a “real” café there (run by students and with the focus on english learning). But also the inside is quite flexible. I absolutely love the big table – usually visitors sit down, start to talk to each other or reading the various books lying around. The QLA uses the table for meetings, discussions or just working downstairs instead of inside the office. And during our “event” it became a free-style pingpong table!
But now it’s time to say goodbye and let the QLA take complete ownership – and who knows what kind of ideas they come up with during the next year?


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