Being Back

I haven’t updated this blog for quite a while – but I needed some time to arrive back and re-adapt in Oslo. The last weeks (almost 2 months!) were filled with spending time with wonderful people, meeting and getting to know my new classmates (and having great times with them), enjoying the feeling of having a home, cooking (and making sourdough bread) working on my research portfolio and continuing my studies, going out into the forest (and not being afraid of UXO, snakes or disgusting centipede etc.), enjoying a cultural life, reconfigure my brain to creative and abstract thinking and many other things and challenges.

People keep on asking me if i miss Laos – and yes, there are things that I miss. I miss the friends I met over there, the beautiful smiles of laotians, the “bai sai?” (“where are you going?”) you constantly hear when walking down the streets. I miss the experience of shopping in markets with mostly fresh and local ingredients. The simplicity of everything. The feeling of making sense and seeing a direct result of my actions – a result which makes sense and is not only benefitting myself. I miss the green color of freshly planted rice.

But even though I sometimes feel more like an alien than I felt before, I’m very glad to be back and know that this is the part of the world where I belong to. My brain feels inspired and active, the relationships with people are somehow deeper (probably since our “common cultural language” is closely related), I’m closer to the people I love and care about and continuing my studies (and not knowing where I will end) makes me feel excited.


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