Back from my summer retreat…

What a summer: die Seele baumeln lassen, meeting my family and most of my best friends, wonderful people visiting me, hitchiking through Italy and Austria (and getting stuck in Czech Republic and almost causing a divorce), having the best ice-cream of the world at Avalon in Bolzano, Pizza, Pasta, Cappuccino, rainy days in Norway and sunny ones in the rest of Europe, starting to work on the pingpongcollective (our dreams finally turning into reality) , writing proposals for an unconference, talking about precarious working conditions and realizing the importance of joy and free time, talking to strangers (becoming friends), watching movies over the roofs of Berlin, long nights in Vienna, sweet hours with Lars, watching the cucumbers on my balcony grow, reading, thinking, …

And now comes the second (or third) and last year at the Oslo Academy of the Arts! With lots of new ideas and fresh energy! Whatever will grow out of it…


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