MA conference

Last week we had to present our MA project to the MA1 students as well as to bachelor students from the third year and some of the professors and staff from the design faculty. It was quite intense but a great learning experience. I tried something different: in the format of the presentation itself and in how I involved the audience. I used a document camera for presenting my project and short messages as a feedback tool for the audience. I was impressed how much this changed: I felt much more comfortable in giving the presentation because it was “mine” – more than the usual slideshows where I press my information into a standard format. I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience which make me conclude that it was also more interesting and fun for them, even though I’m not sure of their positive replies concerned only the form of the presentation or if the “unusual” also helped to draw attention on the content.

Theodor Barth was kind enough to film this presentation – so have a look by yourself! You can also read through the conference paper conference_report_tglahs_web I wrote and please send me your comments and thoughts!


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