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Höfn Documentation

Mads and me finally finished the documentation about our workshop in Iceland. Hurray! Here it is: documentation_höfn, with some minor mistakes still but nevertheless readible.


Local Holistic Sustainability in the Progress of Global Reality?

This friday, I’m off to Iceland to participate at two workshops organized by CIRRUS the nordic-baltic network of Art and Design Education. This is some information about one of the workshops (taken from their website) and it sounds quite promising:

An encounter with a locality that represents edge conditions. The Hornafjördur Community in Iceland includes a cross section of geography, cultural context and Nordic social conditions. It is a fundamental fish industry town. It reaches from the top of a glacier, a volcano, ample agriculture, tourism, a small local town and fisheries. Next stop in direction South is Anctartica. The institutes in the community have looked widely for method and inspiration, like the Canadian network Economuseum, where public dissemination, production and crafts go hand in hand, to food R&D and university ethnographic and economic research. Tourism has been a growing element in the region while it still embraces its traditions and climatic and geographical particulars.

Interest from the Cirrus institutions is how does a small close-knit locality deal with global progress. This is an especially interesting issue for design, a field that is transforming itself from “the actor of making cute things” to “humanizing technological progress”: Improving services, simplifying reality and addressing sustainability. These fundamental issues have to be introduced to designers and design students with more enthusiasm. This workshop is intended to support that in the local active industrial tourist, agricultural and fisheries institutions. Only one student will be invited from each institute and dissemination will go to all the institutes of Cirrus. A special webpage has been made to link together all the active partners.

The project will use the Triple Bottom Line (people, profit, planet) (UN Resolution 1987) as its benchmark for reaching sustainable existence for business, people and the environment that is thoroughly sensitive in this location.

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