Bang, Jan Martin
Ecovillages: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities
Floris Books, 2005

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Relational Aesthetics
Les presses du réel, 2002

Condorelli, Céline
Support Structures
Sternberg Press 2009

Debord, Guy
Society of the Spectacle
Black & Red, 1983

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To have or to be
Continuum International Publishing Group, 1996

Fuad-Luke, Alastair
Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World
Earthscan, 2009

Heller, Steven and Vienne, Véronique
Citizen Designer: Perspectives on Design Responsibility
New York, Allworth Press, 2003

Horx, Matthias and Giger, Dr., Andreas
Der Simplify-Trend: Die Revolte gegen das Zuviel – Neue Einfachheit und die Suche nach Lebensqualität in der Sinn-Gesellschaft
Zukunftsverlag, 2003

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Cradle to Cradle
North Point Press, 2002

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Design for the real world
Academy Chicago Publishers; 2 Revised edition (August 30, 2005)

Schumacher, E.F.
Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered
Harper Perennial, 1989

Thackara, John
In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World
The MIT Press, 2005

Thoreau, Henry David
Walden, or life in the woods
Dover, 1995

Werner-Lobo, Klaus and Weiss, Hans
Das neue Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen: Die Machenschaften der Weltkonzerne
Ullstein Tb, 2010

Wood, John
Design for Micro-Utopias
Gower Publishing Limited, 2007


Design & Art

(A ThinkTank / Research Center founded by John Wood and Andrew Carmichael with the aim to envision attainable utopias)

(John Thackara’s blog. Doors of perception brings people together who want to imagine alternative futures – sustainable ones – and take design steps to realize them)

(a group of artists and designers with a common interest in creating work that challenges current social, political and economic systems, serves also as a platform to support art projects, artists in residency, research…)

(organization which promotes slow design as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural and environmental well-being)

sustainable everyday
(Ezio Manzinis blog about design and sustainability)

dori gislason
(Dori Gislasons blog/homepage about design, design strategies, design for the other 90% and more)

(an Amsterdam-based design studio, developing sustainable projects)

(a collection of notes on the environment, graphic design, product design, architecture, the decisions we make, and the impact they have)

(a non-profit design group / laboratory for scientists, artists, architects, students, and individuals of all backgrounds that promotes green design in cities)

a non-profit team of designers, builders and teachers who seek to improve quality of life by empowering local communities

(a one year project that explored what life in a sustainable region could be like and how design could help to get there)

(a social design agency that helps to tackle social challenges)

Sustainable Living

(website / blog about the experiences of six young people visiting and documenting different ecovillages in Norway, Sweden and Denmark) (only german)
(research-orientated website for a sustainable quality of life which is less focused on materialism)
(website about growing food in the local conditions of our homes, sharing knowledge, open-source)


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