Broen Bakeri

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Last Sunday (19th of August 2012) Eva, Mads and me opened the first pop-up restaurant in Oslo that was part of the international restaurant day which started in Helsinki 2 years ago. During this day, everyone can open a pop-up restaurant – and we decided to turn the bridge at KHiO into an open café. We invited friends and passers-by to sit down with us, relax in the sunshine, enjoy our delicious cakes (all home-made) and have a chat with other people around the table. All the food and drinks were offered for donation and we were surprised that we even made a small profit (which will be used for the next event).

Designers always put pressure on themselves to create something “new” and “unique” – but there is so much out there that we can join and support. We do not have to re-invent the wheel… Initiatives like the open restaurant day are great – beyond other things, it gives power back to the people, brings life and diversity to urban spaces and creates relationships between citizens. Our intervention proved that people from different background and ages supported the idea – people asked if they can help us next time or wrote down the link for the website. The next open restaurant day will be on the 17th of November. Watch out!


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